Please fill out the following form below with the question and attach your pictures. Dr. Carlos Velasco will answer and send you the quote

    Please answer the following questions completely and attach the required pictures. Since this is your medical record and it will be used in evaluating your health, it is extremely important that the questions be answered accurately and complete. It helps to have a better diagnosis or suggestion for your procedure. All information is kept confidential. You will receive a reply within the next 3 business days. since Dr. Carlos Velasco performs the consultation himself, it has a fee deductible from the procedures costs.

    Please feel free to reach out via WhatsApp (+57) 316 369 0889 in case you have any additional question.

    Directions for pictures:

    Body procedure: Please make sure not to cover any of the surgery areas.

    Face procedure: Please approach your entire head to the camera, including ears and neck, staring straight, avoid tilting your head or camera

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